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Tubnotch offers not only utility/functionality but also elegance. Our unequivocal and affordable refinishing, resurfacing and replacement options that give you the new surfaces for your old bath tub/shower liner and kitchen/bathroom counter tops. Products and services--they are our forte; our primary concern as we opt to deliver the finesse which is our goal every second during production and reinvention. Live the life style you deserve and can afford, at a price that's not equilibrium to its elegance, ease and comfort. See and discover our service quality and live your moment in a tub that is not just a dream but reality!

Repairs: Bathtubs| Chip repairs | Crack repairs | Cultured and laminated formica | Fiberglass | New Colors | Porcelain | Rusted drain |Rusted overflow | Sinks | Tiles Counters | Vanities.




We are based in Houston, Texas.

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